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Project Description
A .NET communication abstraction layer that enables developers to write the same code for different network topologies and technologies.


  • Allow applications to switch networking protocols without changing codes. Meaning: switch between IPC, TCP, HTTP, Remoting, Loopback, Web Service by a few configuration lines.
  • Allow applications to switch architectures without changing codes. Meaning: code networked application as if it is a standalone application, then deploy as client-server, or web server-thin client, or multi-tier, or cloud, etc. by changing configuration.
  • Free developers from learning networking protocol.
  • Independent from underlying networking protocol.
  • Independent from message packaging methodology.
  • 100% pure managed code.
  • CLS (Common Language Specification) 1.1 and POCO conformant.


(while we learn how to get around formatting on CodePlex, please take a look here)


This library was developed in 2005 by THN Solutions LLC and designed by software architect Nguyễn, M. Hải. In 2014, THN decided to opensource version 2.0 of the library for educational purposes and for contributing back to the community.

Currently, we are secretly cooking a new programming paradigm that aim to help developers build cross-platform, cross-device applications in 1/10th the time. You might want to check out this productive programming framework.


  • Teleport is now superseded by the Neuron Network Communication Layer.
  • This technology was developed in 2005, when unified communication abstraction layer such as Microsoft's Windows Communication Foundation did not exist. Since then, THN has discontinued the development of Teleport.
  • For educational and research purposes, understanding Teleport is a strong background for understand Neuron concepts. But for commercial purposes, please use Neuron framework instead.
  • Since WCF did not exist back then, we didn't make a connector for WCF. However, making WCF connector is ultra simple. Please see the example of remoting connector. If you need help, buzz Hai ( his email address: hai at thnsolutions dot com)

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